For over forty years, Ash Creek Homes has built beautiful homes of impeccable quality. During those years, many of our clients have chosen to build with Ash Creek more than once as we’ve developed new land and created new Creative Communities in the Austin area. As the trends in real estate have changed over the years, our goal at Ash Creek has always remained the same: We strive to build creative and thoughtful homes where people can enjoy fulfilling lives with the people they care about.

In 2024, Ash Creek Homes plans to continue reaching for this goal in a new way. In addition to our Creative Communities like Tanner Ranch in Cedar Park, we will begin a new project that involves enhancing the home you already live in. We’re calling this new endeavor Creative Casitas, and we think you’ll love it!

What is a Creative Casita? We’re glad you asked….

Introducing Creative Casitas

In the construction world, a Creative Casita is also known as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (or ADU). Many people also call them casitas, guest houses, pool houses, or backyard houses. Technically speaking, a Creative Casita is a secondary housing structure on the same lot as your primary dwelling. However, functionally a Creative Casita can be whatever you want it to be and will look like it’s always been there. Every Creative Casita will be designed to complement your existing home, enhancing the beauty and value of your property. 

Creative Casitas are for anyone who loves their home but needs a little more space for guests, aging parents, or adult children. They’re for people who need a more private home office, a workout room, or a place to hang out by the pool. Whatever the specific need may be, Ash Creek can design and build a Creative Casita as a separate, smaller structure on your property to meet that need.

More House, Right Where You Need It

Let’s take a moment to dream a little together about what building a Creative Casita could mean for your home. (Someone cue the exciting movie trailer music, please!)

  • How could Ash Creek make your property more flexible, functional, and fantastic?
  • What if you could add more of what you need to the home you already love, right in your
  • own backyard?
  • What would it be like to offer your guests the perfect getaway just steps away from your house?
  • How could your business grow if you had a separate place to focus on your business goals as you meet with clients, organize orders, or create content?
  • What kinds of memories could your family create and enjoy if there were a place for the kids to hang out, the adults to watch the game, or for your parents to stay for longer visits during the holidays?
  • What kind of features and finishes could a trusted builder like Ash Creek Homes use to design the perfect Creative Casita for your needs on your property?

If adding a Creative Casita to your property makes you a little starry eyed and excited, we’re right there with you! We can’t wait to break ground on the first Creative Casita (that day is coming up soon) and we would love to begin designing and building your Creative Casita next.

Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, and Instagram pages for the latest updates about all things Ash Creek Homes, including our Creative Casitas. If you would like to receive more information about Creative Casitas, you can email our sales host, Carrie Stephens at [email protected].

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