The first question everyone asks about building a Creative Casitas is: How much does it cost to build a backyard house? 

Budgeting for any construction project is really important, and at Ash Creek Homes, we prioritize offering our clients transparent pricing that fits their budget. While we would love to instantly quote an exact price for the Creative Casita that perfectly suits each homeowner’s needs, building a custom backyard house necessitates asking a few questions, doing a little research, and crunching some important numbers first.

Our Creative Casitas team can help you avoid surprise costs and permitting headaches you may run into planning this project alone. First, we do a complimentary consultation, then we provide you detailed quotes so you can confidently move forward with your backyard house. Let’s take a closer look at what variables affect the costs involved with building a Creative Casita:


Factors such as how level your yard is, whether trees must be removed, and city-specific building fees are all unique to your property and project. We have to investigate your unique piece of land to quote the site costs for your project accurately. 


Do you want to include a bathroom, laundry room, or kitchenette in your Creative Casita? If you do, we must determine how far the water line needs to run, assess whether the project necessitates a larger water meter, and calculate the plumbing costs for the casita itself. 


If we pipe water in, you’ll definitely want us to pipe water out! The length of that path and the possibility of needing a pump will affect the cost of your Creative Casita.


Determining the cost of building a backyard house requires considering the path and length of the necessary electrical line, the location of the current meter, the electric design, and the capacity of the existing connection. 

Exterior Finishes

Ash Creek’s Creative Casitas aren’t basic home kits; our casitas are designed and executed with your main house’s architectural aesthetic and design in mind. Once we identify the exterior details, awnings, stone, brick, or other materials that complement your main house, we can offer you a much clearer quote.

Interior Finishes

Do you want a minimalistic office, a homey pool house, or a luxurious spa-like guest retreat? Will you use one of our designer-selected interior packages or visit our design center to select your finishes personally? We have options that will suit any budget, and our project manager can explain those options in your meeting.

So, how much does it cost to build a backyard house? Call us at 512-328-2122 or fill out our short form here for a free assessment, and we will determine the cost together!

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