A guest house in your own backyard!

For over 40 years, Ash Creek Homes has built beautiful homes with creative touches in the Austin area. As the needs in real estate have changed over the years, we’ve expanded our skills to also assist those looking for more space in their existing home. Creative Casitas are guest houses built on your primary property and built to complement your existing home. Our casitas have a multitude of uses from an in-law suite to a backyard apartment, an income property, pool house, even a backyard office. We’ll come to you in the Austin, Texas area.


Start with a size that best suits your needs

The Classic

200-600 square feet
Full bathroom and kitchenette included with an option for utility space

The Legacy

700-900 square feet
Full apartment including 1-2 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, kitchen, living, dining, and utility space. May be 1 or 2 stories.


Learn more about Casitas and schedule a complimentary consultation


Process & Timeline

From your inquiry to construction, several factors like your availability as the homeowner, permitting, and the size and complexity of your existing home and property can determine your Creative Casita project timeline. From three months to six, here’s what to expect with our process:
1. Inquire with Ash Creek Homes
Do you live in the Austin area and are you curious to learn more? We’ll reach out within 48 hours of your initial inquiry submission to chat about your Creative Casita. Fill out our short form above!
2. First on-site consultation with Ash Creek Homes (click to open)
During your first free, 30-minute in-person consultation, we’ll come to your property to assess how your Creative Casita will best accommodate your needs and enhance your home.

  • Evaluate site conditions
  • Review floor plans and design options
3. Second site visit: proposal, applicable options, and pricing (click to open)
  • Review site plan and floor plan of your casita
  • Review detailed costs (site specific costs, upgrade options, and design options)
  • Review financing options with our preferred lenders
4. Sign on the dotted line, we’ll get your Creative Casita going
We will review our construction contract with you. Once all parties sign the contract, we require an initial deposit. As construction progresses, we require progress payments at the completion of various stages of construction.
5. Ash Creek Homes completes permitting
One significant benefit to working with Ash Creek Homes is that we handle ALL the permitting for the client. Our team creates a project-specific permit package for every Creative Casita, including architectural plans, structural designs, site plans, etc. This process can take up to four months.
6. Construction starts
Typically from the time we pour the slab, your Creative Casita can be complete within 4-7 months depending on its size and complexity.
7. Completion of your Creative Casita
Time to celebrate and love your home even more!


Transparent and Simple Pricing

Before you put any money down, we’ll do the research to provide you transparent pricing. No up-front commitment from you, we want this to be the right-sized space to complement your existing home.
1. Base price of your chosen floor plan (click to open)
Which space did you decide suits your needs the most?
2. Property-specific costs (click to open)
Several components contribute to property specific costs, such as:

  • Water (yard line path and length required to connect your Creative Casita to water) and upsizing your water meter (if required)
  • Wastewater (yard line path and length, gravity or pump required)
  • Electricity (yard line path and length, location of current meter, electric design, capacity of existing connection)
  • Site preparation required (lot topography, leveling, material haul-off, retaining walls, tree removal, special city-required fees, etc.)
  • Exterior finishes to complement primary home (stone, brick, masonry, architectural details, special window details, awnings, and overhangs, etc.)
3. Upgrade options (click to open)
We will review with you optional interior upgrades and separate a la carte items you may be interested in. Some of these items include upgrades to electrical, lighting, countertops, tile, appliances, etc.
Get started with your Creative Casita
Building in the Greater Austin area means we have limited capacity. Book your complimentary consultation to get details on how your Creative Casita can meet your needs in your own backyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I build a Creative Casita in my backyard, or convert my garage?
  • How much will my Creative Casita cost?
  • Do you handle permitting?

See answers to these questions and more!

Preferred Lenders

To break ground on the backyard house of your dreams, you’ll first need to qualify with one of our preferred lenders. From there, enjoy the flexibility and freedom to choose your own lender if needed for your Creative Casita.

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