Ready to build a backyard house in Austin? This year, Ash Creek Homes introduced a new product line of dwelling units called Creative Casitas. Designed to optimize homeowners’ backyard spaces, Creative Casitas create needed space, upgraded livability, and even the possibility for rental income while allowing homeowners to remain in the homes they love.

The back houses come in various sizes and include different features and amenities, depending on the homeowner’s needs. Today, we’d like to point out some features that make the Classic line of Creative Casitas a brilliant choice for anyone looking to add private space to their backyard.

The Classic Creative Casita: Designed and Built for Austin

Every Classic Creative Casita is a single-story structure with a full bathroom, kitchenette, and optional utility space. At its core, the Classic Creative Casita involves building an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) in Austin that is an elevated studio-style space that allows more privacy and flexibility than a traditional office or guest room addition to your house. When we chose the name Creative Casita, we made space for you to dream about how you could use your casita.

Imagine all you could accomplish in a quiet office with a private bath and kitchenette, tucked away from the noise and distractions of your primary residence. Think of the joy your friends and family could share in a custom pool house, playing cards or watching movies on summer nights. Your Classic Creative Casita could be a yoga studio, craft room, library, gym, or hideaway.

What we’re saying is that a Creative Casita can be anything and everything you need it to be. When not in use as an office or hobby room, your backyard home could function as a luxurious live-in suite for guests, aging parents, or adult children or as a lucrative opportunity for rental income now that Austin’s new HOME Initiative has passed. Whatever your specific need, Ash Creek Homes can design and build a Classic Creative Casita as a separate, 200-600 square foot structure capable of serving you and your family for years to come.

How to Build a Classic Creative Casita in Austin

After our project manager meets with you to discuss your needs and goals for your Creative Casita, your Ash Creek Homes team will walk you through all the steps required to build a backyard house in Ausitn. Our architects will design a casita that works to enhance your primary residence and optimize the usage of your yard space. Our ADUs don’t involve prefabricated kits or materials that don’t match your main house’s aesthetic. An Ash Creek Creative Casita is an ADU designed with your unique needs and design choices in mind.

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