If you’re a homeowner considering the benefits of adding an accessory dwelling unit to your backyard, you probably have many questions about the process. Beginning any construction project on your property can be daunting, but finding a trustworthy, capable builder is a giant leap toward making your dream a reality.

As a builder passionate about creative projects, Ash Creek Homes has developed our newest product, Creative Casitas, to provide Austinites with high-quality guest houses and secondary structures built on their primary home’s property. Creative Casitas qualify as accessory dwelling units, and their many uses and features make them ideal in-law suites, hobby rooms, backyard apartments, income properties, pool houses, or backyard offices. 

Now that Austin City Council’s new Home Initiative has changed the number of dwelling units allowed on a single-family lot, most homeowners can build up to three dwelling units on their lot. With our forty years of experience building homes of all sizes and in many different architectural styles, Ash Creek Homes can design a casita that meets your needs brilliantly and beautifully complements your primary home. 

Our Creative Casitas come in two different sizes and various configurations to best suit the needs of each project. Since the cost to build a casita depends on size, the utilities included, the topography of your yard, and the finishes chosen, our team works diligently to design each client’s casita to fit their budget.

Creative Casita Sizes

The Classic size Casita is ideal if you’re looking for a larger single-story, single-room casita plumbed to include a full bathroom and kitchenette. This casita works wonderfully as an in-law suite, rental property, luxury pool house, or office, offering 200-600 square feet of space and optional utility room space.

The Legacy size Casita will meet and exceed your expectations if you want to maximize the size of your Creative Casita. This flexible casita floor plan can be a one- or two-story tiny house with 1-2 bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen, living and dining room, and a utility space. This casita can function as many things, including a long- or short-term rental property, a residence for multi-generational households, or a versatile office space offering room for several employees.

Responsibilities, Expectations, & Timeline

Building a casita with Ash Creek Homes involves homeowners in the free, initial on-site consultation and the follow-up site visit to review the site plan, floor plan, detailed cost breakdown for your casita, and financing options with our preferred lenders. Once you’ve signed the contract and submitted the initial payment, Ash Creek takes care of everything from permitting through completion. Typically, after we pour the slab, your Creative Casita will be completed within 4-7 months, depending on its size and complexity.

Ready to Find Out More?

We would love to tell you more about the Creative Casita Ash Creek Homes wants to build for you! Just fill out the short form on our Casitas page or email Carrie Stephens at [email protected], and we will be in touch!

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