Amid Austin’s thriving, growing real estate market, Ash Creek Homes has introduced a line of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) called Creative Casitas. Designed to blend functionality, style, and versatility seamlessly, Creative Casitas allow homeowners to enhance their property value while expanding their living options.

Legacy Casita watercolor with metal roof by pool

Since the needs of homeowners in Austin vary greatly, we offer two distinct sizes of Creative Casitas: The Classic and The Legacy. While each size caters to different preferences and lifestyles, today we’d like to take a moment to highlight how the Legacy line of Creative Casitas stands out as a game-changer in backyard living.


Legacy Casitas: The Basics

Our architects thoughtfully design each Legacy Casita to prioritize both comfort and functionality. Legacy Casitas can be one or two stories, and they come in three different floor plans, and we named them after some of our favorite places in Texas: The Christi (anyone else love the beaches in Corpus Christi?), The Travis (hello, Austin proper!), and The Harris (big Texas love for all you Houstonians). All three of these floor plans feature a well-appointed kitchen, living, and dining area as well as a separate bedroom, a full bathroom, and utility space that will meet all your laundry and storage needs. Whether hosting guests, working from home, or seeking an additional income stream through rental opportunities, the Legacy Casita is a sophisticated solution tailored to your unique lifestyle.

Legacy Casita in White with a porch

What a Casita Could Do for You

The Legacy Creative Casitas range from 700 to 900 square feet and redefine the concept of multifunctional living spaces to create endless options and flexibility. As our largest line of casitas, Legacy Creative Casitas act as an accessible investment opportunity for homeowners looking to expand their property’s value and functionality. Whether you envision it as a luxury pool house, welcoming guest house, a lucrative rental property, ultimate party pad, or a deluxe home office, the Legacy Casita delivers versatility to suit your lifestyle and real estate needs.

Modern Casita with large windows by a pool

Taking the Next Step

Call Ash Creek Homes today at (512)328-2122 to schedule a complimentary appointment to discuss what kind of Creative Casita would work best in your yard. You can also fill out our brief form here, and a sales team member will follow up with you.

As Austin continues evolving, Creative Casitas empower homeowners to create personalized additional living spaces that reflect their unique needs and aspirations. By creating more space to live, work, entertain, exercise, meet with clients, or hang out by the pool and watch a movie on a Friday night, the Legacy Casita invites homeowners to reimagine the possibilities of backyard living in Austin.

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