With Creative Casitas, Ash Creek Homes offers homeowners a new way to create the home of their dreams. Whether you need a guest house, home office, workout room, pool house, teen hangout, or a rental unit to generate extra income, each Creative Casita we build will provide a fully customized secondary structure that expands and enhances the home you love. Best of all, our experienced design team will propose a casita to complement your primary structure once it is complete. We will build your casita with materials, exterior colors, window details, and architectural features similar to those in your primary home. But how can you know if a Creative Casita makes sense for you? 


What You Need to Build a Creative Casita

You probably already have both items needed to begin a Creative Casita:

  1. A backyard: Creative Casitas come in all shapes and sizes. If you can fit your dream on your property, we can build it! 
  2. Thirty minutes: During your free, thirty-minute in-person consultation, we’ll come to your property to assess how your Creative Casita will best accommodate your needs and enhance your home. 

After that, Ash Creek Homes does the rest! Our highly qualified, experienced team handles all the due diligence, permits, and construction. We will assess your property to ensure your Creative Casita is built in accordance with the current city codes. Once our research proves that we can build a casita on your property, we will present you with options and construction specifications. 

After going under contract, we will begin the full design of your Creative Casita, organizing the necessary blueprints, permits, renderings, site work, and finish options before presenting you with all the details to finance and begin construction on your Creative Casita. We then handle all permitting and approvals required, and once the permit is received, we begin construction! 


How a Creative Casita Benefits You

  • A Creative Casita meets new housing needs created by a changing world.

The world has changed quite a bit in the last few years, expanding how we use our homes. More people need private offices to work from home, short-term rentals have become a popular income stream, and many homeowners need additional space for aging parents or adult children. A Creative Casita meets all these needs and more because we design it exactly how you want it.

  • A Creative Casita helps homeowners retain what they love about their current home.

Selling your current home to find a new one that meets your changing needs isn’t always an ideal solution when it means losing a low interest rate or relocating further from work and school, favorite amenities, or friends and family. With a Creative Casita, you can stay where you are and keep your monthly expenses stable.

  • A Creative Casita expands the functionality of your home while increasing its value.

Homes with guest suites with separate entrances have become increasingly popular to buyers as working from home, multigenerational family life, and a desire for outdoor living spaces have all trended up in real estate searches. When and if you decide it’s time to move on, your home will offer buyers something most properties don’t, which typically increases the market value of your overall property.


If you have thirty minutes and a yard in Austin, we’d love to build a Creative Casita for you. If you’re outside of Austin but still interested, please let us know. This information will help us determine the next market we should enter with our creative casitas. Email Carrie Stephens at [email protected] to set up your initial consultation today!

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