We know how much your love your 4-legged friends. That’s why we’re so excited to build our first-ever Dog Park amenity here in The Heights at Vista Parke. In honor of our cute pups, we’re dedicating this blog post to them. Scroll down to see more pics of the Dog Park. Woof!

Whether you are looking to buy a new home or renovate a current one, there are so many new modern features to look out for and to consider having (read more about new home features). And if you’re a part of the 90 plus million families in the U.S. who have a pet, new features are trending all over the internet for those furry family members too! Let’s take a look at the Top Pet Related Home Features in 2022:

Built-In Bowls

Sound the dinner bells, because these modern pet eating areas are delectable!

All pet owners have made a designated eating spot for their animals. Sometimes finding that right space can be challenging or even having to carry the water/food bowls back and forth to fill them up can seem like a chore at times. Having an already built-in space made for your dog or cat cold be extremely useful. New homes are taking notes and developing a more efficient space for feeding your pets. To make it even better, a new trend is to have a built-in water tap right above the pets drinking bowl. This makes refilling the water dish so convenient and it even aesthetically can look adorable too. Homeowners can get creative with the location of this built-in area too! Some owners like the idea of this space being built into a hallway or some like it built into their kitchen island. Making this upgrade will feel like finding a missing puzzle piece to your home and surely wont disappoint your fur-children!

Washing Station

Bath time can be the best time, with these custom dog washing stations!

Giving your pet a bath can be quite the challenge sometimes. Us dog lovers have been through our fair share of giving our babies a bath and every few minutes they start shaking their hair and splattering water all over. The mess this task can make in your very own bathroom can be frightening. Having a designated washing station made for only your pet is a game changer! These stations are designed in a way to be as helpful as possible when it comes to giving your pet a wash and aftermath clean-up process. More and more families are adding this feature to their home.

Built-in Living Quarters 

Kick your paws up and relax!

Finding a cozy spot to place your pets bed has never been easier! More people are getting creative and building custom mini bedrooms for their fur-kids. Not only does it give you a space to tuck away all the chew toys, but your pet’s get to have a designated spot to call their own. Some homeowners get creative with this addition and add a door to the front. Adding a door makes it a multifunctional space and serves as a kennel if need be. If you’re a DIY master, this might be a pet feature to test your skills…and trust me, your fur-babies will surely thank you!

Dog Park in The Heights at Vista Parke

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