Out with the old, and in with the new!

Gone are the days of cluttered designs and nonfunctional spaces…

Home renovation ideas are trending all throughout social media platforms. People want their homes up-to-date, functional, and with every detail serving a purpose. Today’s homeowners not only want an open and modern floor plan, but they want practicality in every room. They want useful spaces with detailed furnishings that Just Make Sense! Inspired by the Tik Tok trend, “Things In My Home That Just Make Sense,” here are some top home trends to look out for in 2022:

Home Office

Adjusting to our new way of life since 2020, has brought many changes! With the amount of people whose careers were affected by the pandemic, homes had to accommodate such a lifestyle change. Many positions became remote and required their employees to work from home. With that comes the vital need for an environment to get work done and to focus. People have altered their home layouts to fit in a home-office. Whether it be setting up a desk space in a corner of a room or turning you spare bedroom into a full-on office, this need has forever changed how essential a quiet space is in a home.

So you might have guessed where we are going with this…What Just Makes Sense for a modern home today, is a built-in desk! Having a space that is already designed to give you the room to work and keep organized is such a lifesaver. Home developers, like us at  Ash Creek Homes, have took it upon ourselves to include an option for a built-in desk in our project at The Heights in Vista Parke. This relieves the pressure of having to find a functional desk, building it yourself, or finding the right place to set it up. We take this add-on and make a designated location in your new home that a desk would work in best. This new feature is practical and is keeping up with the times!


Have you ever had to jump out of bed in the middle of the night to grab a glass of water and the pitch black was not aiding your mission to relive your thirst? Then in your desperation, you turn on the main kitchen light and are instantly blinded by the harsh brightness that your sleepy eyes just cannot handle. Oh, just me?

Well what Just Makes Sense and what homeowners are putting in themselves, are under cabinet lights! Strategic lighting placement is key. New home developers, including Ash Creek Homes, like to implement these lighting placements for a visual enhancement to the kitchen. It gives people the option to always leave on a dim light as it gets dark out. To light up your world some more, Ash Creek Homes has also mapped out stair lighting for our project in The Heights. These lights will be placed near the steps of the main staircase and will not only look cool, but will be a useful detail for people walking up and down in the dark.


Where do I begin?! There are so many trending kitchen details floating throughout social media today! One of the Just Make Sense products being a boiling water tap (Kettle Tap) attached to your kitchen sink. Stove or electric kettles are on their way to Goodwill! People are having direct access to immediate hot water and they start to wonder why isn’t this a normalized feature in every home out there? Or how about those pot filler faucets? This handy dandy tap to instant water over your stove will provide you easy access to filling your pots in the midst of cooking. Filling your pot of water at your kitchen sink and slowly balancing back to the stove without spilling can finally be avoided, hallelujah! These taps are nifty, trendy, and practical for everyday life.

Another kitchen detail people are putting into their homes are garbage disposal buttons placed within the countertop (near the sink). These buttons are handy for hardcore kitchen users and will eliminate having to find that random garbage disposal switch in your kitchen that you always mistake for a light switch. Oh and speaking of garbage? Don’t you hate how often you feel like you have to take out the trash? Well, another nifty trend consists of an enhancement to kitchen trashcans. More and more people have been giving themselves trash drawers that are designed into their cabinetry. This saves floor space and makes the kitchen appear more clean. Ash Creek Homes has even made it a point to create more room for our customers kitchen trash. We have created double-sized trash drawers inside our kitchen islands at The Heights. These small modifications in total, create such a big impact! Once you’ve had these changes, you’ll start to question how life was lived before.

Laundry Room

In newer or updated homes, the laundry room designs Just Make Sense. Trending layouts have actual rooms versus a laundry closet, which provides a functional space to not only do your laundry but to store all your products for this task. Homeowners are putting in cabinetry to store all of their cleaning products and even extra sheets/bedding/etc. All of this storage space helps you keep organized and limits the appearance of clutter. Helpful designs nowadays also contain a countertop, which gives people the space to fold and sort their laundry right there. Even going the extra mile and putting a sink in your laundry room has so many perks. You would be able to remove those hard stains in a sink dedicated to removing filth. Beats doing this hard job in your kitchen sink! Having this extra room to store dirty clothes until clean is unbeatable and makes this chore more bearable at the end of the day.


With the rise of technology, comes the more infused use of it within homes! New homes and DIY projects consist of weaving tech inside of homes to create an easier way of life. From putting in built-in speakers in every room or installing fingerprint front door locks, people are wanting to modernize their homes. This trend has even caused homes to be created with more practical locations of electrical outlets. Honestly, the more outlets the better! Designs that Just Make Sense have put outlets inside of drawers. If you store electricals like curling irons and blow dryers in your vanity drawers inside your bathroom, these outlets provide an easy way to plug in without having the cluttered look of cords coming out of the wall. This also works for kitchen/desk drawers, which can hide your collection of charging devices (phone/iPad/etc.) and will keep things organized. It again really makes you think why these outlets haven’t been this strategic all along!

Stay tuned…I’m sure newer details and home renovation ideas are on it’s way! Just make sense ideas are always worth looking out for when thinking of updating your own home!

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