If you’ve been following Ash Creek posts recently, you’ve heard about our newest project, Creative Casitas. To everyone who has already connected with us about building a casita, thank you for sharing our enthusiasm for this new construction opportunity! Austin’s growth has created a need for creative housing solutions, and building a Creative Casita allows homeowners to expand their property’s usability as they increase the value of their home. The bottom line is that a casita is a win/win!

Today, we want to answer some of the questions homeowners frequently ask about Creative Casitas. If you’re curious about the details involved in building a Creative Casita, we hope these FAQs clarify the process for you. If you’d like more information about building your Creative Casita, please comment below or email Carrie Stephens at [email protected]


Creative Casita FAQs

What is an ADU? What is a Creative Casita?

The acronym “ADU” stands for “accessory dwelling unit” and refers to any second housing structure built on a property with an existing home. ADUs can serve various purposes and be called guest houses, casitas, cabanas, pool houses, granny flats, in-law suites, or backyard houses. At Ash Creek Homes, we call them Creative Casitas. 


How does adding a casita affect the value of my property?

Because a casita increases the size of your home and creates opportunities for short- or long-term rental income, adding a casita almost always increases your property’s value. Market conditions, as well as the casita’s size and amenities, also contribute to the value of the increase. 


Can I build a Creative Casita in my backyard?

The quickest answer to that question is “It depends” because each property is unique. However, Ash Creek offers a free consultation to homeowners to determine the longer answer to that question. After your free consultation, our team will assess your needs and your property to determine if and how a Creative Casita will work to enhance and complement your existing home.


Will you convert my garage?

We do not convert garages at this time. Our current focus is on building detached, freestanding casitas. We feel confident you’ll love the idea of a separate, private, and functional space, no matter what size you choose.


How much will my Creative Casita cost?

As with any construction project, the cost of a Creative Casita varies depending on many factors. After your free consultation, Ash Creek Homes will organize a project breakdown, which will include transparent pricing. The cost of each casita depends on your chosen base floor plan, on-site costs, finishes, and any additional upgrades you select. At time of contract and to begin construction, we require an initial deposit and progress payments made at the completion of various stages of construction. . Please see our “Transparent and Simple Pricing” section for more details.


How long does it take to build a Creative Casita?

Permits are usually approved within four months, but the entire build timeline depends on your availability, floor plan and option selections, and existing home. Once we finalize your project details, we will provide an expected timeline for your project.


Can you build around the trees on my property?

Usually, we can! At Ash Creek Homes, we value the beauty and functionality of mature trees and will do our best to minimize tree removal. However, we will confirm the possibility after our initial consultation. 


How complicated is the permitting process?

One significant benefit to working with Ash Creek Homes is that we handle ALL the permitting for the client. Our team creates a project-specific permit package for every Creative Casita, including architectural plans, structural designs, site plans, etc. Once we submit your permit requests to the city, we typically receive the approvals within four months. 


I have solar panels. Will the addition of a casita impact them?

Your Creative Casita will be detached from the main house, so it will not impact your solar panels. 


How will this impact rainwater drainage on my property?

When building the guest house, we will create a positive drainage pattern for water flow by grading around your casita. This proposed drainage pattern is also reviewed and approved by the city prior to issuance of the building permit. 


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