Ash Creek Homes has launched a new product in 2024 to help homeowners create the home of their dreams in response to the rising popularity of secondary structures commonly called casitas, granny flats, backyard houses, mini houses, or accessory dwelling units. We call them Creative Casitas, and we’ve built them on the solid foundation of our Ash Creek core values. How do Creative Casitas showcase our intentions to be Creative & Thoughtful, Flexible & Nimble, Focused on People, and Do the Right Thing? Read on to find out!



Creative & Thoughtful

As the world has changed in the last few years, homeowners have begun to use their homes in new ways. Our Creative Casitas offer a thoughtful solution to the increased need for private offices to work from home, home gyms, short-term rental space, and additional housing options for aging parents or adult children. Each Creative Casita offers a well-thought-out secondary structure built as a custom unit that creatively and thoughtfully suits your property and needs.


Flexible & Nimble

With over forty years of homebuilding experience, Ash Creek Homes has a lot of experience building all kinds of homes of all sizes. When we design each Creative Casita, our depth of experience enables us to find various ways to meet your needs. Our experienced design team will propose a casita floor plan to complement your primary structure and then build your casita with materials, exterior colors, window details, and architectural features similar to those in your primary home.


Focused on People

Ash Creek Homes is a small, local company staffed by people passionate about building quality homes for others. A Creative Casita may function as a guest house or home office, but it primarily exists for the good of the people who own and use it, both now and in future generations. We prioritize the good of the people involved in every home we build, from start to finish, as we strive to enhance and improve the lives of the people in our community.


Do the Right Thing

Our Creative Casitas offer a fantastic example of how Ash Creek Homes values doing the right thing as a company and as individuals. Increases in housing needs, low real estate inventory, and rising mortgage rates have produced a growing demand for casitas in our city. Creative Casitas are one of Ash Creek Homes’ many efforts to do the right thing for Austin by creating right-sized housing solutions that meet homeowners’ needs. 



If you live in Austin and are ready to make the thoughtful choice to creatively use your property and increase the value of your home, we’d love to build a Creative Casita for you. If you’re outside of Austin but still interested, please let us know. This information will help us determine the next market we should enter with our creative casitas. Email Carrie Stephens at [email protected] to set up your initial consultation today!

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