Wondering if you should use one of our Preferred Lenders when purchasing a new construction home from Ash Creek Homes? Securing the right financing is one of the most crucial steps in buying a new home. At Ash Creek Homes, we understand the significance of this step and strive to make the process as smooth and beneficial as possible for our buyers. We love talking buyers through the decision to work with one of our Preferred Lenders. Partnering with these lenders offers a range of advantages that can simplify the home-buying experience and provide long-term benefits.

What is a Preferred Lender?

A Preferred Lender is a trusted mortgage lender with a proven track record who we have previously worked with and who has offered our clients quality service. It is important to highlight that Ash Creek Homes does not employ any of our Preferred Lenders, and we don’t benefit financially when our clients choose to use them for their mortgage needs. We simply want to connect our buyers with lenders who will help make the home-buying process smooth and as stress-free as possible!

Streamlined Process

One of the primary reasons we advocate for using a Preferred Lender is the streamlined process they offer. Our Preferred Lenders are familiar with Ash Creek Homes and our communities, which means they can expedite the approval and funding process more precisely. This familiarity eliminates potential delays and miscommunications, ensuring your financing is handled efficiently and smoothly.

Competitive Rates and Terms

Because these lenders value their partnership with us, they work with our buyers to find loan products that best suit each buyer’s financial situation. Ash Creek’s Preferred Lenders provide competitive rates and favorable terms that they stand behind. It isn’t uncommon for a non-preferred lender to make promises they can’t keep or even increase the closing costs the week before the closing date. This is a stress no buyer wants to experience! We choose trusted preferred lenders to ensure our buyers get the mortgage rates and terms they have been promised. 

As an added bonus, your title costs are always covered when you use one of our Preferred Lenders, providing substantial savings at closing. That’s free money in your pocket, and we love to see it!

Personalized Service

At Ash Creek Homes, we hold ourselves and anyone who works with our buyers to high standards for customer service. So, we’ve chosen Preferred Lenders who will ensure you receive the attention and support you need throughout the financing process. These lenders are dedicated to answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and guiding you through each step of securing your mortgage. This helps alleviate the stress and uncertainty often associated with home financing.

Reliability and Trust

Choosing a lender is a significant decision, and working with someone you can trust is essential. Our preferred lenders have been carefully vetted and selected based on their reliability, integrity, and customer satisfaction track record. These lenders have consistently demonstrated their ability to provide high-quality service and support to our buyers.

Simplified Communication

Effective communication between all parties involved in a home purchase is vital. Preferred lenders have established relationships with our sales and construction teams, facilitating better communication and coordination. This collaboration ensures everyone is on the same page and working towards closing your home efficiently and on time.

Expertise in New Home Financing

Financing a new home can differ significantly from purchasing an existing home. Preferred lenders have specific expertise in new home construction financing, which can be more complex and involve different considerations. Their experience and knowledge in this area ensure you receive the best possible guidance and support.


At Ash Creek Homes, we aim to make your home-buying experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Working with our preferred lenders helps us provide our buyers with a streamlined process, competitive rates, personalized service, and reliable support. These benefits can significantly enhance your overall experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most—enjoying your beautiful new Ash Creek Home.

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