It’s one of those nights when you win big. You hear your name called out as the winner and everything seems to slow down and move really fast all at the same time. You don’t know if you’re walking up to the stage or floating. You get to the podium and hold the award in your hand. You look out over the audience as the bright stage lights shine back at you. Applause, photo opps and big smiles all around. It was a good night indeed!

Ash Creek Homes won big on June 25th at the Homes Builders Association (HBA) of Greater Austin’s annual MAX Awards, recognizing marketing and advertising excellence. The Heights at Vista Parke won the 2022 Grand MAX Award for Neighborhood of the Year!!

Team members Cathy Hale, Marketing Director, and Wari Amalaha, Senior Construction and Land Development Manager, attended the MAX Awards at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Austin and had the honor of accepting this prestigious award. Both Cathy and Wari were also finalists in their own MAX Award categories. 2022 has been a big year for Ash Creek Homes and The Heights at Vista Parke — and it isn’t over yet!

Ash Creek Homes was also nominated/finalist in several other categories including:

– Developer of the Year | The Heights at Vista Parke | Ash Creek Homes

– Best Product Design (Attached) For Sale – The Heights at Vista Parke | Ash Creek Homes and Jon Carey Design

– Project Manager of the Year (Developer)
– Wari Amalaha, Ash Creek Homes

– Marketing Professional of the Year – Cathy Hale, Ash Creek Homes



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